Gunther Glenk

Assistant Professor for Business

University of Mannheim

Gunther Glenk is an Assistant Professor for Business at the University of Mannheim. His research examines questions around corporate decarbonization, such as how companies (i) calculate their carbon footprint, (ii) set appropriate targets for emission reductions, and (iii) achieve such targets in a cost-efficient manner. Recent work has focused on the competitiveness of clean energy technologies, such as energy storage, zero-emission mobility services, and hydrogen production from intermittent renewable energy sources.

Professor Glenk's work has been published in leading academic journals in the field of sustainability management and has won awards and grants. He has been invited to present his work at different forums including academic seminars and conferences as well as industry meetings. Industry leaders and policymakers repeatedly solicit his advice on the opportunities and challenges associated with the transition towards a decarbonized energy economy.

Professor Glenk received his BSc, MSc, and Doctorate in Management and Technology from the Technical University of Munich. He has been invited to Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for research visits. Before his appointment at the University of Mannheim, he has worked in consulting and entrepreneurship.

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